The Top 10 things to do in Calabria

You have no idea how many activities the region of Calabria has to offer from the north to the south. It’s not only the seaside, even though it remains one of the main reasons why tourists decide to visit Calabria. I’ve chosen 10 things you can do in Calabria and I’d like to share them with you. I hope you are able to use these suggestions so you can have a memorable experience.

1. Visit the villages of Aspromonte National Park

Discover the cultural and culinary identity of the Aspromonte villages; Gerace, Mammola, Antonimina, Agnana Calabra and Ciminà. They have recently joined in the idea of “Slow Life” and offer tourists a cultural journey taking them from the famous “Musaba” to the culinary delights of the “Stocco” in Mammola, the “caciocavallo” in Ciminà and the delicious frozen dessert with brioche in Gerace.

Il caciocavallo di Ciminà

2. Walk along the Falcomatà promenade

Reggio Calabria offers one of the most suggestive panoramic views in Calabria. An evening walk along the Falcomatà promenade regenerates the mind and opens the heart, illuminated by the lights of the Strait and the city’s cheerfulness.

Il lungomare Falcomatà

3. Visit Chianalea di Scilla

Often called the “Venice of the South”, Chianalea is among the most beautiful villages in Italy.  It’s a corner of paradise, its houses are all flush against the water and the small tight streets create a peaceful and tranquil for its visitors and tourist. Casa Vela is a good choice for those who choose to stay in Scilla two or more days, which I strongly suggest! This bed and breakfast offers boat excursions, guided tours and the chance to taste local products in the wine bar situated on the ground floor.


4. Visit the villages in the Valle dello Stilaro

Pazzano, Stilo, Bivongi and Monasterace are the villages located along the Stilaro River. Here you’ll find, not only the famous Cattolica, , but also the Punta Stilo Lighthouse in Monasterace, the suggestive “Eremo di Montestella” in Pazzano and the Bivongi Falls. These are all excellent reasons to spend at least a couple of days in this area. And don’t forget to enjoy a walk in the village of Stilo. For more information visit, VeniVidiStilo.


5. Take a tour of the Cirò wine cellar

Cirò is a little village near Crotone, in a region known for its wine production.  There are different wine companies that offer the possibility to taste and buy their products directly on-site, among them are the most famous companies Tenuta Iuzzolini and Librandi.


6. Visit the Corigliano Castle

Among the most famous fortresses in Calabria, is the castle situated in Corigliano Calabro. This prestigious historical and artistic location is a museum of all the families that have lived in it and have left their mark there.


7. Excursions in Raganello Canyon

Water Trekking is one of the most enjoyable activities tourists can to do in the mountains. The best time for it, is from June to September in the famous and incredibly beautiful Raganello Canyon. In Civita there are different guides that offer these types of excursions.


8. Take a tour and experience Arbereshe Culture

Albanian emigration in the Italian peninsula in XIII century also characterizes the Calabrian region. I would recommend a visit to villages like Vaccarizzo Albanese, San Demetrio Corone, San Cosmo and San Giorgio Albanese and taking a tour. When you are visiting these towns, it’s interesting to hear the Albanian language and see the local traditions of these people still being practiced.

Campagna circostante il paese di Vaccarizzo Albanese

9. Take a tour of the National Parks in Calabria

The Calabrian region is interesting and varied. There are beautiful beaches along with wild un-touched nature in the Calabrian mountains a few miles away.  You get the best of both worlds – you can enjoy the incredible coastline and also explore the uncontaminated forests, rugged foothills and pleasant hilltops which are home to different animal and vegetable species. There are four protected parks in Calabria: Pollino, Sila, Aspromonte and Serre.


10. Visit Cosenza

Cosenza is continuing to develop as a cultural centre, it’s made up of beautiful squares and prominent statues. The recently re-constructed Bilotti Square sits at one end of the MAB, an open-air museum along the main street, Corso Mazzini, in the city centre. The Santa Teresa Square is the perfect spot to enjoy a pleasant evening sipping a drink in one of its many restaurants and bars. There is also the historical centre where you will find the Rendano Theatre and different aristocratic residences. For a guided tour contact Alessandra Scanga of GuideOnCosenza.

Sabato 15 giugno – Passeggiata con emergency: visita guidata del centro storico di Cosenza

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